NPFC member remarks as delivered to NUSD Board on 8/27/02

Good evening.  My name is Abby Wong.  My family has lived in Novato for 3 years and I have 2 daughters attending Novato High, a senior and a freshman.

I am speaking tonight for the Novato Parents & Family Coalition (NPFC) or “NovatoParents.Org” for short.  As explained last week, we’re a newly-formed, grassroots group of concerned families and citizens ... 

Any and all are welcome to learn more about us or to contact us via our “nick name” and web site --- NovatoParents.Org.  We also renew tonight our offer to meet with anyone to help work through any issue facing our schools in keeping with our Principles for Public Dialogue.

I want to thank you for taking the time last week to hear from the public.  It is so crucial to this process.

In that regard, attached to my prepared remarks, you’ll find 2 pages of Frequently Asked Questions --- or FAQs --- about our ongoing petition drive.  These FAQs will be posted at NovatoParents.Org as part of our weekly web site update.  But, in advance of that update, I want to highlight two things tonight:

First, all four parts of our comprehensive Petition....

  • The Preamble

  • The proposed Content-Neutral and/or Equal Time Policy

  • Opposition to the approval or use of controversial materials like “That’s A Family,” and

  • Some practical proposals to reduce or eliminate such controversies in the future ---

...will be presented to you upon completion of this petition drive.  And that will occur when we’re satisfied that all who want to sign the petition have had a reasonable chance to do so.

Second, please note that all four Petition Sections, as posted at NovatoParents.Org, are inter-related and extremely important to you and this community --- not only for your final decision about whether or not to adopt “That’s A Family” after it’s piloted in the Fifth Grade Family Life class, but also to help you hear the growing voice of many Novatoans about any similar issues that may lie ahead.  As of today, over 1400 folks --- and counting --- now support this petition.  And requests for more petitions keep coming in.

Last item --- we’ll be recommending in the weeks ahead specific, detailed information that needs to be included in the letters and “opt out forms” to be sent to all Fifth Grade parents before “That’s A Family” is piloted.  And, we commit again to helping find common ground on that issue so you need only address the most limited nature, scope and basis of truly disputed matters, if any, concerning this issue. 

---- Thank You ----

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