NPFC member remarks as delivered to NUSD Board on 8/5/2003

Good evening. My name is Abby Wong.

On behalf of the many parents, families and children represented by Novato Parents & Family Coalition, I am speaking tonight in support of the Positive Parent Permission for Family Life Education.

It is our understanding that the Superintendent, Principals and Teachers have requested this approach to help make sure all families receive clear notice and opportunity to make an informed decision. We most definitely agree with this simple, common sense approach to help inform families and to strengthen parent and teacher communications. Any policy like this that provides more information, more communication, and more informed decisions on behalf of all the children involved ought to be welcomed by everyone. Therefore, we urge you to approve this policy when it is presented to you for a vote. To do otherwise would be a vote for less information, less communication, and less informed decisions for Novato parents, families and children.

NPFC will gladly cover any costs or labor involved with implementing this Positive Parent Permission policy to offset any possible budget impacts. This offer is of course in keeping with similar, past offers and comments --- which can be found at And it is also consistent with our goal of keeping academic excellence paramount for our children.

Thank you.

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