Petition to Novato Unified School District
Updated: July 18, 2007

NPFC gathered over 1,700 signatures from concerned Novato residents and parents for the following petition concerning several aspects of the diversity materials then being piloted by the Novato Unified School District. The initial petition drive, begun on Aug. 8, 2002, first passed the grassroots test of gathering 1200+ signatures in just 12 days, during vacation time, and without any form of public advertising.

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If you would still like to be included on the petition, please contact us by email at and include your Name, Address, City, State, Novato Zip Code**, and Phone (optional).  Please also let us know: (1) if this is your first involvement with these issues (i.e., the 1st time you've tried to let your voice be heard); and (2) if you are under age 18.    Please note:  We will not use any information you e-mail us for a mailing list, etc., nor will we give addresses or phone numbers to any other parties. 

** If you have a student or students in the NUSD school system, but don't live at an address with a Novato ZIP CODE (94945, 94947, 94948, or 94949), you may still also sign the petition and just note that your child(ren) attend school in the NUSD.

Petition in Support of Content Neutral and/or Equal Time Policy concerning Diversity Materials for the Novato Unified School District

  • In sensitivity to the diverse cultural and religious beliefs of all Novato parents and families,
  • To uphold equity, parental rights, and freedom of speech, and
  • To keep academic excellence paramount by providing a safe, respectful school environment, devoid of needless controversy

We, the undersigned, ask the Novato Unified School District (NUSD) Board to adopt the following Content Neutral and/or Equal Time Policy:

  • Whereas ideas about sexuality have an important and lasting impact upon the lives of families, children and youths, and
  • Whereas the general public is deeply divided concerning sexual lifestyles other than monogamous heterosexual marriage,

Therefore, the NUSD Board of Trustees hereby establishes that, in this district, issues related to sexual orientation theory, homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, or other alternatives to monogamous heterosexual marriage are only to be addressed in the most narrow and age-appropriate context possible, and are never to be addressed to students, in any manner or form, in which these alternatives are presented as desirable or harmless, unless equal time and access shall be provided to those who oppose those perspectives.

We, the undersigned, also object to the approval or use of any controversial/divisive diversity materials, including but not limited to, "That's A Family."

Furthermore, we hereby request, since NUSD did not send written, official notice to its families/students concerning the diversity materials now under consideration, that you revise the process for review and selection of such materials to require such written notice well in advance and to require more opportunities for greater representation and participation to all in the future (e.g., surveys; broader cross-section of perspectives on the various committees, site leadership teams, etc.). That revised process should also require, for example: (1) the use of materials which are not objectionable unless the Board receives full justification as to why only those disputed materials can meet the goals of ensuring safety and respect (i.e., there are no other, unobjectionable alternatives); and (2) clear direction that only NUSD Board approved diversity materials may be used.

NPFC's website is at (where this petition and other materials to help Novato parents and families are posted). You can also e-mail us at . We welcome your involvement, comments and questions.