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Keeping Academic Excellence Paramount For Our Children

August 18, 2009

Dear NUSD Trustees & Dr. Jan Derby & Staff:

Many thanks for all your efforts on behalf of our children.  You have a most challenging job.

This letter expands on prior e-mails that I sent recommending changes to BP/AR 6142.1 after the August 4, 2009 meeting, where that BP and AR were removed without action from the Consent Agenda.

Since those e-mails, a revised version of BR/AR 6142.1 has been posted on line and set again for the consent agenda tonight.

Tonight’s latest version is much different than what was presented on August 4, 2009.  So I would again strongly recommend that you allow additional time for more public review, until at least the next board meeting.  As NUSD strives to increase enrollment, it seems one key aspect of that is getting broader public input and awareness of BPs and ARs like 6142.1.

If you go forward tonight, I would recommend at least the following:

  1.  Add the word “religion” in the list of categories in revised paragraph 4 of AR 6142.1;
  2.  Remove at least the phrase “parental notification and consent” in the new section that follows paragraph 9, towards the bottom of page 2 of AR 6142.1; and/or
  3.  Make a decision as to what effect, if any, that new section on AR page 2 would have on the Board’s June 3, 2003 decision to include an “Opt-In” form when approving the video “That’s A Family.” (Relevant portions of the June 3, 2003 minutes are attached.)

Based on some follow-up conversations after the August 4, 2009 Board meeting, I was also encouraged to e-mail comments on BP 5145.9, and changes made to it that night related to BP 5131.2.  I would also still recommend that you revisit those policies again at a later date.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.  Please let us know how we can help on these or on any other matters that will help keep academic excellence paramount for our children.  For example, as we’ve offered before, we will help defray your costs of notifying parents about matters affecting their children.  We can also help research issues and locate other materials that may be helpful, and can help contact parents and other community members on virtually anything of interest to NUSD.

Best regards,

Carl Mosebach
Member, NPFC

See page 4 of 4 of the minutes about "That's A Family"

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